Board nominations closed
Please attend the March 26 meeting where a membership vote to validate the board for 2024-25 will be taken.

The new year is here and with it the FPNA board election season.
Per our 2009 bylaws (update), alternate years bring either four or three seats up for election. This year four directors are in the second year of their two-year terms: Linda Cullen, Scott Goorland, Julie Mullen and Tanya Lewicki. To remain on the board, these directors will fill out the nomination form, as any new board hopeful must do.
Three directors will go forward in the second year of their terms: Susan Hill, Barbara Litton and Steve Large (appointed when Liz Vance left the board shortly after the 2023 election).
The nomination deadline is Feb. 15. The form is on Page 7 of the new
Flyer; those of you who save your Flyers intact can download a PDF at the downloads tab.

The full timeline of the election process is as follows:
60-day notice of election: Jan. 26
40-day deadline for nominations: 4 p.m. Feb. 15
20-day notice if there is a contested slate: March 6
Annual election meeting: March 26

Since the
Flamingo Flyer is delivered to all residences within FPNA boundaries, and mailed to nonresident members, this story suffices as notice of the election.
As noted on the form, nominations must be mailed to the PO box before the deadline. Per the bylaws, no new nominations are permitted at the March 26 meeting.
After Feb. 15, the nominations will be viewed by the board. The March/ April
Flyer will update residents with the results of the nomination process.
If there are more than four nominees for the four open seats, the contested ballot will be sent by March 8 to all full (voting) members to fill out and return.
The annual election meeting is the only membership meeting required by the bylaws. At the March 26 meeting, votes will be opened and counted or, if the election is not contested, there will be a vote to accept the new board slate.