FPNA is lit!
Judges cruised the neighborhood on Dec. 9, 2023, to choose the winners in six categories, plus two awards of merit. And here they are!
Brightest. 2006 Florida Sam and Vi Bauer.jpg

Brightest. 2006 Florida, Sam and Vi Bauer.jpg

Creative 810 Kanuga Ken and Jessica Walters.jpg

Creative 810 Kanuga, Ken and Jessica Walters.jpg

Traditional 714 Claremore. Margie and Jeff Yansura.jpg

Traditional 714 Claremore, Margie and Jeff Yansura.jpg

Tropical 701 Kanuga Alexander and Monica Forbes.jpg

Tropical 701 Kanuga, Alexander and Monica Forbes.jpg

Merit 723 Claremore Pat Fadness.jpeg

Merit 723 Claremore, Pat Fadness.jpeg

Merit 745 Kanuga William Dale Waters.jpg

Merit 745 Kanuga, William Dale Waters.jpg