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Lights on! You will be judged
Though we have no home tour this year, we’re not lacking in holiday spirit.
Residents who decorate can win prizes as in past years.
FPNA awards $50 cash money to winners in the categories of best traditional; most creative; best tropical and “brightest.”
Two additional awards of merit are also possible.
Judging will be
Saturday Dec. 9.
So put away the Halloween decor and get out the holiday lights and get going!
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Tour news: Looking ahead to spring
I am saddened to report that FPNA will not present a holiday tour this year.
Although several of our neighbors graciously offered to open their homes for the December tour, we were not able to get enough participants in time to make this a viable project.
The holiday tour is known for its excellence, so in order to maintain that standard, it was decided to forgo this year’s tour.
We hope that the hosts who were willing this year will be available to us next year, and that additional neighbors will also sign up.
The holiday tour is our biggest fundraising event.The proceeds go toward maintaining the Flamingo Park way of life. This includes ordinary things such as the doggy bag dispensers, trash cans and signage, not to mention landscaping in public areas, tree-trimming, social hours, neighborhood events, and the list goes on.
Our coffers will suffer without this fundraiser. Fortunately, we have reserves, but steady income is needed to maintain a healthy balance sheet.
To that end, our focus is now on a
2024 Garden Tour, which will be held mid-March. This “even years” event historically has been in April. But since most gardens are at their peak in March, and the likelihood of cooler weather is greater then, we decided to move the date up for 2024.
Anyone who wants to participate, whether as a volunteer or offering up your garden to be on the tour, can get in touch with me as soon as possible. As wonderful as our neighborhood looks from the street, I know there are hidden gems behind those walls and fences.
There is much work to be done to put on a spectacular tour, so the sooner we line up our host homes, the better. This also gives everyone time to enjoy the cooler weather and whip those gardens into shape!
Flamingo Park is known for its warmth, hospitality and neighborly spirit. Let’s join together to make the next tour a day to remember!
— Tanya Lewicki

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